White Dorper Sheep In North Central Texas

Our small farm is located near Stephenville, TX in North Central Texas. We maintain a small flock of White Dorper sheep consisting mostly of registered full blood and purebred White Dorper sheep. We are members of the American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society. We would love to hear about your interest in White Dorper sheep and would be happy to try to help build your own flock.

White Dorpers are good grazers that can adapt to a wide variety of grazing conditions. White Dorpers naturally shed their hair and wool each year thereby reducing costs associated with shearing. White Dorper ewes are good mothers and often have twins and triplets. In addition, they are polyestrous meaning that they do not have a defined breeding season based on day length like many other breeds of sheep. Some producers elect to run rams with ewes throughout the year resulting in a breeding interval as short as eight months resulting in three births every two years.

Dorper sheep can be white or white with black head. The American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society calls the black headed sheep “Dorpers”, and the unmarked sheep “White Dorpers”.

Please visit the photo gallery page to see pictures of our sheep.

If you are thinking about purchasing White Dorpers, please contact us for pricing. We welcome your inquiries and will try our best to respond to all questions.


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